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    Our staff and volunteers will be taking to the roads of Somerset in March to find out what people think about their local health and care services.
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    Parents of young children in Somerset are being asked to share their views and experiences about the health visiting services they have received in the County, to help shape the service going forward.
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    Have your say on the future of health and social care in Somerset – by joining a new Public and Patient People’s Panel.
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    To mark the start of 2019, Healthwatch England has published its annual network priorities list – setting out the key health and care topics which local teams will be working on over the year ahead.
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    The health and care issues affecting children and young people in Somerset have been the focus of our recent work.
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    We will be monitoring the progress of a new strategy, launched this month by Somerset’s Health and Wellbeing Board.
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    We are calling for the NHS non-emergency phone line to provide better communication with the public.
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    New Healthwatch Somerset volunteer Stephen Sharples is urging people in Somerset to be more actively involved in the decisions around their health and wellbeing
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    People in Somerset are being urged to give their views on using the county’s 111 non-emergency phone line.
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    People with a passion for seeing local health and social care services changed for the better are being sought by us, the county’s independent health and social care champion.
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    People in Somerset are being asked for their views on using the county’s 111 non-emergency phone line.
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    Share your experiences of local health and care services and make it better for everyone – that’s our message as we celebrate our fifth birthday next week (April 1).
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    As the county’s independent health and care champion, we welcome news a new provider will run the out-of-hours GP services in the county.
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    We are encouraging local people to give their views and experiences of local health and care services following a recently published report on Mendip House in the county.
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    A former school inspector from North Petherton with a passion for shaping local health services will help to lead our board as the county’s independent health and care champion.
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    Listening to patients and their experiences of health and care is key to improving these services in Somerset – says local volunteer Bob Champion.
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    People in Somerset will be given a strong voice to air their views on health and care services in the county – thanks to plans by Evolving Communities, the new provider of the local Healthwatch service.
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    Together with NHS Somerset, we are shining a spotlight on patient and family engagement for safer care across Somerset for World Patient Safety Day on 17 September.
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    The cost of living crisis is putting many people under financial strain, and prescription costs are more than some people can afford to pay. Find out what help is available to help you cover the cost of your medication.
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    The wait for planned medical care or surgery can be frustrating. That’s why you must get regular and accessible updates while you wait.
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    Autism affects people in different ways. It can bring strengths and challenges that can affect how comfortable, healthy, and happy you feel. Here's what you should expect from an autism assessment, diagnosis and getting the proper support.
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    Do you or a loved one need help with social care? Read the article below to find out answers to key questions about who can access adult social care and how to pay for it.
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    Find out what a ‘fit note’ is, when you might need one and how to get one.
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    Our report following a visit to Newholme, a residential care home in the village of Ruishton near Taunton, which provides accommodation for people with a learning disability.
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    Share your feedback by 31 October 2023 to help improve access to NHS dentistry.
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    The Victoria Park Community Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset, will host an important event on Thursday 30 November, from 10am to 3pm, dedicated to enhancing the lives of Bridgwater residents who live with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
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    We are asking people to share their experience of booking face-to-face appointments with their GP to help improve access to GP services in the county.
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    With more than thirty recognised symptoms of menopause and growing awareness of the impact on day-to-day life, it can help to know what to look out for and what support is available.
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    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression triggered by seasonal changes. One in twenty people in the UK are diagnosed with the condition, with men more likely to be diagnosed with SAD than women.
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    Each day 6,000 people become carers. Looking after a loved one can be physically and emotionally exhausting so it's vital that you get the support you need. Find out how you can make sure you look after yourself.
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    Cervical cancer screenings save at least 2,000 lives every year in the UK. Here's what you should expect from your smear test and why these screenings are important.
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    Did you know that pharmacies provide advice and information on minor illnesses and ailments? Find out how they can help you.
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    We have been working with our young volunteers to investigate how accessible young people’s mental health services are in Somerset, and to understand how access to support could be improved.
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    In our latest report, we call on those responsible for young people’s mental health services to improve awareness, availability and access to mental health support for young people.
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    Download an Easy Read version of our 'Have your say' form.
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    Here are some Easy Read resources to explain who we are and what we do.
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    Access to care is the main concern people have shared with Healthwatch in the past year. A new report by Healthwatch England looking at health and social care from the patients' perspective has warned that we risk "a two-tier health and care system" unless the NHS takes faster action to tackle access issues.
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    The Accessible Information Standard is mandatory for all organisations that provide National Health Service (NHS) or adult social care.
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    Do you struggle to speak to your doctor about your medical concerns? You’re not alone. Take a look at our top tips to make the most of your GP appointment.
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    Five things you should expect from home care, domiciliary care or help in the home.
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    How can I get the most out of my next visit to the dentist? Take a look at our tips to help you prepare for your appointment and make sure you understand your treatment and how much it will cost.
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