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    Know your rights and get the support you need
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    A new survey of public attitudes to NHS dentistry shows that half of the adults in England find dental charges unfair amid escalating living costs.
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    We are investigating people’s experiences of using GP websites to get health and wellbeing information and support.
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    People who use NHS 111 in Devon and Somerset have reported ongoing concerns about the quality of the service, with the most common complaints being about long waiting times and difficulty getting through on the phone.
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    In our recent survey, patients who are waiting for planned surgery in Somerset reported a lack of communication from hospitals and many felt their health and wellbeing had deteriorated while waiting for treatment.
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    In our new report out today, young people are calling on the county’s health and social care services to improve how they communicate – with each other and with young people – to improve how they care.
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    A new public survey has been launched to find out more about local people’s experiences of using the NHS 111 service in the region.
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    Millions of people have had their treatment delayed by the pandemic – are you one of them?
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    As the number of patients waiting for surgery continues to grow, nationally and in southwest England, we are asking people about their experiences of being referred for surgery in Somerset and how they have been affected by waiting times.
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    Over the last year (April 2020 to March 2021), during the pandemic, 2,387 Somerset residents shared their feedback on the county’s health and social care services with us or sought information and advice on how to access the care and support they needed.
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    Our new report out today, shows that people who receive care and support at home from the District Nursing Service, would like to see the introduction of weekend and evening visits, but many people are more cautious about the introduction of digital consultations.
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    We have announced the areas we will investigate this year, to make sure that local people’s views and experiences are used to drive and support improvements in local services.
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    We want to know what people think about the care they have received from Somerset’s District Nursing Service, to help the service develop and improve how it cares for local people.
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    A joint report released today by a group of local Healthwatch in the South West, shows that although the NHS 111 service in Somerset and Devon is rated highly by the public, there are inconsistencies in the quality of the service.
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    What’s it like being a young person using health, social care and wellbeing services in Somerset, and what changes do young people want to see?
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    Our new report out today reveals local people’s experiences of health and social care during the first six months of COVID-19.
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    A new public survey has been launched to find out more about local people’s experiences of using the NHS 111 service in the region.
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    Today we have published four reports about care homes in Somerset – three reporting on the quality of care in Somerset care homes prior to COVID-19 from a residents perspective, and a fourth looking at the challenges faced by care home staff during the pandemic.
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    We have joined local and national health and care organisations calling on Somerset residents to give feedback about their care during coronavirus (COVID-19) to help services reflect, recover, and improve.
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    Over the last year, more than 1,400 people shared their views on the county’s health and social care services with us, helping to make care better for local people.
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    It’s national Carers Week (8-14 June) and we want to know about your experiences of being an unpaid carer or being cared for during COVID-19, to help local services understand how to provide better social care and support.
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    It’s Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June, so we are is sending a huge ‘Thank You’ to the inspiring volunteers who help to make health and social care better for local people.
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    During Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May), we are highlighting the care and support needs of people living with dementia and their families, and the particular pressures of life under lockdown due to coronavirus.
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    We are looking forward to helping health and social care services develop and improve with the announcement of several new projects for the year ahead.
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    We have launched a new survey asking local people to share their stories to help identify how health and care services are adapting and working well during the coronavirus outbreak, and to highlight common challenges that need to be addressed.
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    We can help health and social care organisations to communicate clearly and effectively with local people about the coronavirus and the impact on services and support.
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    As local health and care services come under increasing pressure due to the coronavirus, and access to services becomes more challenging, we are reminding people that we're here to help.
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    We are asking local people to complete a survey to share their experiences of accessing primary care through GP surgeries in Somerset.
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    We are calling on local people to make sure their voice is heard and reflected in proposals being drawn up by Somerset NHS health and care services, for changes to community-based services and non-emergency care.
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    Help shape the future of services for people living with a life-limiting illness.
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    We are the county’s independent health and social care champion and are seeking people with a passion for seeing local health and social care services change for the better.
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    Dorothy House Hospice Care wants to hear from those with a life-limiting illness, their carers and families about what Day Services they think would improve their wellbeing.
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    The UK’s largest independent regulator of official statistics wants to hear from patients, carers and their families about how they access and use statistics on mental health in England.
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    People in Somerset looking for health advice and support want to see better access to their GP to get the information they need, rather than looking online for help.
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    As the independent health and social care champion for Somerset, we are calling on local services to make more space for new parents in the county to talk about their mental health.
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    The UK’s largest independent regulator of official statistics wants to hear from patients, carers and their families about how they access and use statistics on mental health in England.
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    People in Somerset are being asked to share how they access information, support and advice when they are ill, looking after someone or finding it difficult to manage living at home, to help shape local services going forward.
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    Hundreds of people in Somerset have shared their views on how to improve NHS health services in the county.
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    Parents of young children still prefer to ask their health visitor or GP surgery for health advice and support rather than go to Facebook or consult their Red Book – according to the findings of our survey published today.
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    More than 1,800 people have shared their views on the county’s GP surgeries, hospitals and social care over the last year with us – helping to shape and improve those services for all.
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    We will be celebrating the difference volunteers make to the local community during this year’s Volunteers’ Week, which runs from 1-7 June.
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    Local people share their views about how they want local health services to improve.
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    Health and social services should openly talk about end of life care and the wishes of patients – says Healthwatch Somerset volunteer Steve.
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    New feedback gathered by us on the county’s Adult Safeguarding service will be used to improve it for the future.
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    One man shares his views about how NHS services where he lives should change.
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    Our roadshow, which travelled almost 260 miles around Somerset to find out the views of local people on health and care services, has finished a seven-day tour with more than 400 views collected.
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    More people with dementia are being rushed to hospital emergency departments in Somerset, according to NHS statistics.
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    Hundreds of children have learning disabilities and autism in Somerset and now families are being asked to help shape local NHS services supporting them.
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    Today we celebrate six years as the county’s independent health and care champion.
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    Healthcare in Somerset will only work if people get to have their say – urges former ambulanceman Bob Champion.