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NHS and social care staff are doing everything they can to keep us well during these challenging times, but there might be things that can be improved for you and your loved ones. Please take five minutes to share your story with us.

To understand how we will use your information read the 'How we use this information' at the end of the page.

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1. What type of service are you telling us about?
For example, the GP surgery name or hospital department
3. Overall, how do you rate your overall experience of this service?
What was good? What could have been better? How did you feel after your care?
Give the approximate date within the last two years
6. In relation to this experience, please select what best describes you
8. What gender do you identify as?
9. Please tell us which sexual orientation you identify with
10. Please select your ethnicity
11. Do you consider yourself to have any of the following?

How we use this information

The information you share with us helps us spot trends to identify areas for improvement. We may use quotes in our reports, but we will not use any information that will identify you.

As well as your feedback, we also ask you to volunteer some personal information. This helps us to help us understand how different groups experience local health and social care services and supports our focus on improving equality, diversity and inclusion. 

If you are sharing information on behalf of another person, make sure that you have their permission to do so, or the information you do share should be anonymous.

Find out more about how we handle your information in our privacy statement

Can we stay in touch? 

We'd love to tell your story and keep you updated about our work and the difference sharing your experiences with us can make. 

Using your story for media

To promote our campaigns we use people's stories to show what needs to change. Sometimes Healthwatch England or the media (newspapers, radio or TV) ask if we have people who can share their story when we publish a press release about our research. 

Would you be happy for us to contact you about your experience for media purposes or to use your story as a case study in our material? Your identity can remain anonymous, and we won’t share any contact details with Healthwatch England or the media without speaking to you first about what it involves.

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