A closer look at your local health and care services

Healthwatch Somerset has statutory powers to ‘Enter and View’ publicly funded premises to speak to people about their experiences of using services.

What is Enter and View?

One of the ways we can meet our statutory responsibilities is by using our legal powers to Enter and View health and social care services to see them in action. During these visits we collect evidence of what works well and what could be improved to make people’s experiences better. We do this by observing the quality of service, and by talking to people using the service, including patients, residents, carers and relatives.

Enter and View visits are carried out by our authorised representatives (staff and volunteers) who have received training and been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. These visits are not part of a formal inspection process or audit.

We produce reports about these visits to share people’s views, and to show how we have evaluated the evidence we gathered. We make recommendations to inform positive change, for individual services as well as across the health and care system. We share our reports with those providing the service, regulators, the local authority, NHS commissioners, the public, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners based on what we find during the visit.

    Authorised Representatives for Healthwatch Somerset

    All those listed below have successfully completed Enter and View training and have undergone DBS checks.

    • Alan Kitch
    • Bob Champion
    • Carole Parker-Wilkinson
    • Eilleen Tipper
    • Elizabeth Price
    • Gill Keniston-Goble
    • Gill Waldron
    • Helen Hancox
    • Hilary Bartrum
    • James McMurray
    • Jane Watson
    • Jennie Flory
    • Jill Rossiter
    • Judith Goodchild
    • June Barnes
    • Keith Paine
    • Mary Winterburn
    • Mel Hedgecock-Reeves
    • Mike Welton
    • Rena Randall
    • Richard Corp
    • Sarah Davies
    • Sheila Burridge
    • Sue Burton
    • Sue Thomas
    • Tanya Camberwell
    • Tony Robinson
    • Wendy Darch

    More information

    Written reports are produced for all our Enter and View visits, which are available to read and download.

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