Accessing health and social care during COVID-19: A Somerset perspective

We gathered real-time feedback on local health and social care services during the pandemic from the views of Somerset residents, to provide information that services can learn from once the outbreak has passed.

Key messages

  • There has been much praise for the NHS and local organisations providing care and support to those most in need, however there was also a feeling of not wanting to burden the system.
  • Online appointments and consultations were welcomed but ‘one size does not fit all’.
  • There was appreciation for the service received by pharmacies in maintaining medication levels, however long waits to collect prescriptions at the start of lockdown were reported.
  • An uncertainty about when dental treatment will resume and the lack of clear information about where to access treatment in an emergency has created concerns.
  • People were happy to continue to use hospital services through lockdown and feel happy to attend face-to-face appointments.
  • Voluntary and community schemes such as the Village Agents have been a lifeline for those isolating at home and needing support.

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Accessing health and social care during Covid-19: A Somerset perspective

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